Getting Started

If you're new to the club, this section will be useful to you!

What to Bring to Club

  • Travel permission slip (found below)
  • A flash drive to store materials
  • A laptop, if you'd prefer to use it. (Highly recommended)

Contest Information

  • Contest people should expect to arrive at Dulles around 6:30 am. We usually return before 3:00 pm.
  • You will need:
    • A laptop with an IDE (IntelliJ or Eclipse) and the JDK
    • Basic understanding of Java
    • A reference book. We have a few to choose from but feel free to bring your own.
    • The University Interscholastic League (UIL) recommends these resources.
  • There are two parts to most computer science contests we participate in:
    • 1. Written - 40 Multiple Choice questions based on code analysis, principals of CS and nuances of the Java language.

    • 2. Hands-On - Solving a packet of 12 or more problems using Java in a 2 hour time frame.

      • ​​​​​​ For practically any Java hands on problem, this template will serve as a basis for how to handle the problem. Memorize it or save it as a template in your IDE.

Java Materials

Things needed to Code

If you need any help getting started, ask an Officer during club.

Learning Materials

  • Beginner: Use the expo materials provided in class or copy of Big Java which you can check out from Ms. Coffman.
  • Intermediate: Take Algorithms, Part 1 and Algorithms, Part 2 on Coursera.
  • Recommended Books:
    • CLRS Introduction to Algorithms Third Edition (Highly recommended!)
    • Mitchell Waite and Robert Lafore's Data Structures & Algorithms in Java
    • Online CS text in case you don't want to buy one of the aforementioned texts.
  • Recommended Coding Sites
    • USACO (Great for College Apps!) Be sure to practice on the USACO Training Pages!
    • Coding Bat Once you register, go to "Prefs" and enter our email for the Teacher field.
    • Project Euler is a good site with some challenging problems. Send us your friend key when you register.
  • Documentation for all Java Classes: Java Doc

Important Documents

Required Forms

Misc Files and Links